Courthouse Academy Sept. 2019

Gallery expires on October 18, 2019

*****IMPORTANT DISCOUNT INFORMATION....PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING....If you purchase 1-2 Digital Files, the price is $18.00 per file.  If, however, you purchase 3+ Digital Files, the price per file drops to $15.80 per file.  Your receipt will serve as your copyright release. 

Same size prints are discounted as well.  If you buy a single sheet of any size, the sheet will cost $18.00.  However, if you purchase 2 or more of the same size sheets, regardless of the image, your price drops to $13.80 per sheet.  For example, if you buy 1 8x10 of your son and 1 8x10 of your daughter, you will pay $13.80 x 2, for a total of 27.60 before tax.  If, however, you only buy one 8x10 of your son and one sheet of 2 5x7s of your son, the two sheets are both $18.00 since they are not the same size; therefore, your order would total $36.00 before tax.  

If you have any questions, please call Susan @ 757-646-9035!   Thank you for your business!

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