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Q.When I select one sheet, the item price drops to $13, but my cart total says $18.Which is correct?

A. The computer drops the price from $18 to $13 in anticipation of you purchasing another like sheet.If you only want the one sheet, however, the cart total of $18 is correct.For example, if you buy 1 8x10 of only ONE image, the cost will remain $18.However, if you buy another 8x10 (of any image), the price of both sheets drops to $13 each, for a cart total of $26.

Q.I have 2 children who attend school here.May I combine my two children’s orders for a discount?

A.Yes!The key to obtaining the discount, however, is purchasing the same item(s) for each child.For example, if you buy one sheet of 3-4x6s of each child, then the price will be $13 per sheet.If, however, you buy one sheet of 3-4x6s of one child and an 8x10 of the other child, the prices will be $18 per child.THE DISCOUNT IS GIVEN FOR THE PURCHASE OF THE SAME TYPE OF SHEET LAYOUT, regardless of what image(s) you select.

Q.I do not use credit cards, so how would I be able to order on line?

A.In order to submit your purchase online, you would need a credit or debit card.An alternative would be to print out and complete an order form, place the order along with CASH (or check, if necessary) in a sealed envelope and return it to your school’s office.If you are uncertain of how the discounted pricing works, please call Susan at 757-646-9035 before submitting your order.

Q.What if my 2 children had both individual photos taken and then sibling photos taken of them together?Can I combine all of the images for a discounted price?

A.Yes!Once again, the key to receiving a discount is selecting like sheets.If you have 3 different images you would like to purchase, the first sheet of any type is always $18.If you select additional photos of the same sheet type, the price of each sheet will drop to $13.For example, If you buy 2-5x7s and 1-8x10 of Susie, your cart total would be $36, since the sheets are not the same layout.However, if you add an additional sheet of 2-5x7s and 1-8x10 of Johnny, your cart will have a total of $26 for the 2-5x7s plus $26 for the 8x10s.If you then decide you want a sheet of 8-wallets of Susie and Johnny together, the price goes back to $18 for the wallets since you are only purchasing one sheet of that particular layout.If you decide to pick another sheet of 8-wallets, the price of both sheets will drop to $13 each.The easiest way to get the best deal is to remember the discount is based on the purchase of like layouts of the sheets, not the images you select.

Q. What if I miss the order deadline but still want to purchase photos?

A. Orders will be accepted past the deadline, however, there will be a $15 charge added to the order.The $15 charge includes a $10 late fee and a $5 postage and handling fee.All late orders will be mailed directly to your home.

Q.Is there a discount if I want to purchase digital files of my child’s photos?

A.Yes, all digital files are $16 per file, 3 or more $15ea.

Q.How do I notate that I would like my child’s photo cropped to head and shoulders?

A.There is a crop bar online that allows you to input the crop you would like.

Q.Is there a charge to have a scratch or blemish removed from my child in his photo?Also, how do I let you know that I would like the photo touched up?

A.There is no charge for a small touch up.Please put your touch up request in the NOTE section online.

Q.When can I expect my completed order?

A.The images will be online for 21 days.You can expect to receive your completed order in approximately 2 weeks after the 21 days has expired.

Q.Is the discount applicable to the ADD ON items (i.e. keychains, magnets, 11x14s, etc.)?

A.No, these items are priced very fairly, so we can’t add discounts to these items.



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